35AWARDS - photo contest
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83.1K participants

35AWARDS 2018

Calculation of results ...


3 hours
3 hours left
1069 participants

Abstract shot by phone

10 days left
609 participants

Body Lines

16 days left
264 participants

Aerial survey

21 days left
1502 participants

Straight portrait

26 days left
704 participants

Staged survey

29 days left
477 participants

Male portrait

31 days left
417 participants

Starry sky

36 days left
339 participants

Amphibians and reptiles

41 days left
135 participants

Undersea world

46 days left
199 participants
51 days left
112 participants
61 days left
53 participants

Food Photography

Extreme sport

Man and Landscape


Children portrait

Best photos of FIFA 2018

Faces of the world

Wild animal world: Mammals


Best photographer of january (RGB)

Rare species of animals in Russia and their habitat

Best photographer of december

Minimalism in photography


Incredible India

Travel with RUSSIAN PHOTO club

Art of photography

Best photographer of november 2017

Wild animal world: predators

Architectural photography

Best photographer of september 2017

Shape & Color

Best August photo 2017

Children & Animals

Art of Blockchain

Best July photo 2017


Love Story

Best June photo 2017

Portrait with natural light

Black and Whitе

Best May photo 2017

Best April photo

NewBorn photography

Best march photographer 2017

Best Photographers February

Best Photographers January

Long exposure

Children staged photography

Best Photographers December

Best photographer of the month (nov.)

Wedding moments

Many people

Best photographer of the month (oct.)

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35AWARDS 2017
he best single and serial work of the photo award in one photo album