Photography contest for astrophotographers

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10.11.18 - 31.12.18
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Limit: 25 photo

To start voting in the genre should be more than 100 photos
Pentax, LZOS, Gitzo announces a photo contest among landscape and astrophotographers.
Astrophotography is accepted on the following topics:
  • Northern lights, landscapes of heaven (landscapes, seascapes and pictures of cities in which the night sky or sunset sky contains celestial objects. In this category you can add photos of halo, meteors and other atmospheric phenomena in the upper atmosphere)
  • People and space (photos of the night sky, which include people or elements that show the influence of people or their presence)
  • Sun (photos of the Sun, including solar eclipses)
  • Moon (photos of the Moon, including lunar eclipses and eclipses of stars and planets).
  • Planets, comets asteroids
  • Stars and Nebulae (Photos of objects of the Milky Way, including stars, star clusters, supernovae, nebulae)
  • Galaxies


General prize fund

1st place - 50 000 rubles
2nd place - 30 000 rubles
3rd place - 20 000 rubles
+ special prize from Pentax
Prizes from the organizers: Pentax, LZOS and Gitzo. The prize fund for each prize is distributed among all nominations. All payments and communication with the winners is carried out by the organizers of the competition.


The best photos according to the results of the audience voting will be reviewed by jury members, among which 3 best ones will be selected. The votes of the audience are accepted during the reception of works and 10 days after the end of the competition.


  • Photo resolution should exceed 1000 pixels on the larger side.
  • The provided photo should not contain copyright signs (copyright), labels, frames, etc.
  • Participation in the competition is free
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    The catalog contains more than 1000 photos from 16 nominations from more than 700 authors of the 3rd 35AWARDS